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Find Out Exactly How Much Your Project Will Cost Completely Free Of Charge

Estimating the price of any flooring installation can be a difficult task. There are many variables to consider besides the general square footage of the space to be covered. The condition of your current floor, the type of flooring you choose and the type of area to be floored involved all effect the final investment.

Let us help you come up with a speedy and accurate estimate for your project FREE of cost. We'd love to help you!

People often believe that the less the square footage, the lower the price. However, for some types of this is not true. Certain types of flooring, such as laminate actually cost more per square because the time consuming act of trimming the end boards is same for a 3 foot run to a 30 foot run.

Certain areas also can also cost more, such as stairs and landings. It not only requires more work to wrap flooring around such areas, but also can create more waste as such types of place will need an exact fit on each step.

Ultimately the flooring you choose and will have a significant effect on cost initially, but when you consider the life of your investment cheap is not always cheap in the long run. A high quality durable flooring installation will last for many years with little maintenance, while a low priced flooring may not survive daily abuse for long.

One very important factor to consider is whether the flooring is in a wet location such as a bath room or kitchen. A poor flooring choice in these rooms can have disastrous consequences over time. Some low priced laminates may look great at first in these areas, but spills, splashes and the general moisture in these rooms will inevitably damage and warp your once pristine floor. This is why we always recommend one of many lines of 100% Water Proof Flooring for these areas.

There are many factors to consider and it takes years of experience to properly estimate a flooring job. Don’t be fooled by installers who cut corners in order to give you the lowest possible bid. Let the friendly folks Dick’s not only give you a proper estimate, but help you to find the right flooring choice for you. The estimate is 100% free and you are under no obligation to buy.

As both a business and a family from Paradise, we are profoundly saddened by the devastation the Camp Fire has brought to our community. With the loss of our shop, we are taking time to regroup and will not be accepting new clients until the begging of 2019. As the records at our shop were also destroyed, unfortunately, we are unable to provide them to our customers. Our hearts are with you and your family in these difficult times.
-Sincerely Dick's Flooring

What People Say?

Jerry Wood

Good people!

Holly Murry

They are an amazing family and have given to our annual charity event every year! Wish I lived locally so I could use them for floor coverings too! Honest and giving people are hard to find!

Maria R.

Great price, great installations – hardwood in 2 bedrooms and vinyl in 2 bathrooms.  I could not be happier.   Blaine did a great job and Jennifer was always totally in point on scheduling and bid, never missing a beat when we waffled a bit on our choices at first.

Terry M.

I have used Dicks for many years with great results.  Blaine is a great installer for all types of flooring.  He has provided and installed at my three investment properties as well as 2 different primary residences.  As a long time general contractor I know what I am looking at. ...

Olin S.

Graet service and selection. Blain does an outstanding job and you can’t go wrong.